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goetia = pfizer? [Aug. 20th, 2005|10:30 am]
Here's a brief article comparing the Goetic entities (such as Valefor, Zepar, Focalor) to... well... pharmaceuticals (such as Prozac, Strattera, Xigris).

and then...

"...when I look at the cross of Jesus Christ, when God sent his own son to die to take away my sin, I know that God loves me." I mean, are these people even listening to what they're saying? They are saying: Such and such cares for me, because such and such intentionally had somebody important to him killed. It all sounds very mafioso, if you look at it strictly from that context. "Well, I know Jimmy loves me because he had Johnny whacked... What? No I don't really know why, but he said it was so we could be together, and that it would be good for business." ... Actually, the interesting thing is that this is really very close to the Gnostic interpretation of the Jesus/God face-off. In Gnosticism, the God we call Yahweh isn't really the true god, and didn't really create the universe. He's just arrogant and thinks he did. They call him Ialdabaoth, or the Demiurge. Above and beyond him is Sophia, the Divine Wisdom, and she sort of sends Jesus down to infiltrate, and to teach us how to achieve salvation through gnosis, inner knowledge, the inbreaking of Sophia's spark. But then Yahweh/Demiurge gets wind of this, and has Jesus whacked, in order to maintain his stranglehold over our plane of existence and keep humanity under his heel. And then he crafts this whole erroneous story about how Jesus's promised salvation for us is NOT through gnosis, but through this bullshit act of him being fucking murdered, because God "loves" us so much. -source