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crazy dreams [Jul. 20th, 2005|07:46 pm]
Took a nap today. Been moving stuff and wanted to take a snooze before I continued. I had a weird dream, and another one last night. This one, I was walking down a sidewalk, and was being moved quickly down it. I saw a limo, and it was the pope who was going to see some memorial, for it was some special day honoring whomever this memorial was dedicated to. I was upset that I didn't have time to take a picture, for how often does one get to see the pope in person. So, I ran back, though I wasn't supposed to, and it occured to me that the pope, for some reason, signified "rebirth". He was getting back into his limo, and I was attacked by a dog, or maybe it was more than one. No one helped me.

Then, fastforward to the apartment where we are now. I was playing some instrument- it was like big like a cello, but shaped like a banjo. It was really tall, and the lowest string was loose. It was a sandy color. Then all these people came into the house, my husband's family, but also my ex-husband. They were all there to clean up our apartment, for they said I was being incredibly lazy. I woke up really pissed off, ready to convince the world that I'm not lazy. (Look out, world!)

Last night's dream really freaked me out. I dreamed I left my two children alone at a grocery store for just a moment. When I returned, my daughter was acting like she was on drugs, and my son was playing really rough with another, older boy. I kept calling to my son, bt he didn't hear me. I looked closer at him, and his jaw looked deformed. He had put some of those ABC magnets down in his ear, quite a few of them. I was able to push some of them back up and out of his ear, but there was one that was stuck in between two nerves, which I could see. They looked like big, bulging veins. Everytime I tried to move this magnet, the nerve-veins would twitch badly. There was a nurse nearby, and she was going to take us to the hospital, and I was worried about having left them alone, and scared they would be taken away from me.

These dreams were not pleasant. They were also very vivid, as I can recall them fairly well even now.